Are you considering a barndominium as your next home?  This increasingly popular type of rural housing offers a unique way to reduce living costs and have the convenience of living close to nature.  Despite its many advantages, prospective buyers must be aware of some potential disadvantages before purchasing.

Pro: Lower Maintenance Costs

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Barndominiums are becoming increasingly popular among rural buyers, and with good reason.  These unique hybrid homes offer homeowners a large, open-concept design that can be customized to their lifestyle needs while often having lower maintenance costs than traditionally built homes.

Structurally, barndominiums have a metal frame leaving homeowners to take care of the interior once complete.  This means no shingles to replace or painting exterior walls.  Barndominium living can come with long-term savings in terms of ongoing exterior upkeep.

Con: Financing May Be Challenging To Find

Building a barndominium can be an excellent idea due to its versatility and customizable nature, but financing the project with a conventional mortgage may not be an option.  This is because a barndominium isn’t classified as a house, and there is little comparable sales data for appraisals.  Your lender will be able to discuss the best financing options with you.

Pro: High Level of Customization

Barndominiums have become increasingly popular due to their ability to customize for almost any purpose.  They are ideal for those who need more space or are looking for a blend of personal living quarters and workspace/entertainment.

Barndominiums can be transformed into custom suites with modern amenities like gyms, pools, offices, and other large workspaces.  Plus, barndominiums offer plenty of creative layout ideas you wouldn’t find in an ordinary condo or home, like bar areas and open-concept living spaces that make the whole house feel connected.

Con: A Smaller Pool of Buyers If You Decide To Sell

While barndominiums offer unparalleled levels of customization for the current owner, this feature can sometimes be a tough sell for buyers.  Barndominiums can be difficult to translate from the current owner’s particular tastes to potential buyers, who may not be able to see themselves in the home.  Take the time to depersonalize the home and promote the benefits of barndominium living.

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