Internet only auctions are a popular way to buy or sell property.  Unlike auctions that take place in-person, internet only auctions take place on the auctioneer’s site, like Trophy Properties & Auction.  There, buyers can browse potential properties and sellers can get in contact with professional auctioneers.

If you’ve been thinking about using an internet only auctions site, here is how they can benefit you:

As a SelleriAuction

Internet only auctions at Trophy Properties & Auction are a great way for sellers to reach out to potential buyers.  Your property is thoroughly researched by our experienced auctioneers and marketed to potential buyers through targeted campaigns.  That way, your property gets seen by the right people looking for a specific property type, be it commercial, residential, farmland, or hunting land.

Buyers are informed of the auction well in advance so they have time to inspect the property and obtain financing.  With secure bidding, internet only auctions are highly competitive and in order to place bids, buyers must create an account with Trophy Properties & Auction.

As a Buyer

As a buyer, internet only auctions make it easy and convenient to invest in real estate.  Simply create an account with the auctioneer’s site and browse properties at your leisure.  Since auctions are marketed weeks in advance, you have time to find the right property for your needs, inspect the property, and obtain financing.

Keep Yourself Safe Online

At Merchant of Homes, we are committed to keeping your information and data safe when you take part in internet only auctions.  You should also take steps to keep yourself safe online such as not sharing your password and other personal information, and verbally confirming any wire transactions.

Merchant of Homes will never ask you for your password.  If in doubt, call your agent.

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