It is accepted that there is a “best” time to sell a property, with the peak season falling in the spring. However, that should not stop you from marketing your home at other times throughout the year, especially when you have a professional by your side.

There are some benefits to selling your home in the fall.

There Is Less Competition In The Fall

Since fall is considered the off-season, there will be less competition from other sellers attempting to attract the same buyers. This is great for allowing your property to stand out among local listings.selling home

You Will Have More Time For Improvements

Selling a property in the fall means that you will have more time to make improvements, such as new roofing or fixing up that old bathroom from the 80s. Making improvements to the home will make the home more attractive to buyers and eliminate some of the potential problems that will inevitably surface during buyer’s inspections.

Serious Buyers Are Motivated To Purchase Quickly

Buyers who purchase homes in the fall are motivated to do so quickly, especially if they held off during the peak season in the spring and summer. These fall buyers are also often more committed to the purchase and are not just shopping for a home. It is also a great motivation to close on the house  in time for the Holidays or at least before the end of the year.

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When selling in the fall, or any time throughout the year, hire a real estate agent who knows what they are doing. An agent worth their salt will have strategies for marketing your property in the fall, such as highlighting unique features, marketing to the right people, and hosting open houses.

The team here at Merchant of Homes will work closely with you to attract buyers to your property.

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