Missouri is the perfect place to buy hunting property due to its diverse wildlife, vast geographic region, and wide range of public and private lands. The Show Me State is home to various mammals, birds, reptiles, amphibians, and fish, providing hunters with plenty of game species to pursue.

Missouri also has various landscapes ranging from thriving forests and rugged mountains in the Ozarks to rolling hills filled with farmland in the north to attract potential customers. However, there are several key elements to consider when purchasing hunting property.

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The first step when buying hunting land in Missouri is determining the type of property you want. Hunters can find both public and private lands for sale throughout the state. There are three main categories of hunting lands: public, private, and leased. Public lands are owned by the state or federal government and open for public use.

Private lands have been sold or leased out for exclusive use, often offering property owners more freedom. Leased lands have been granted short-term access through permits issued by the state. Knowing what type of land you’d like to buy will help you narrow your search and find the perfect spot.

Ownership and Zoning

Research the property’s ownership status and understand any local zoning regulations that may restrict or limit its use. This can be done online using the Department of Conservation website or contacting your local county office.

It is important to consider how any restrictions may affect your desired use for the property, as some areas may be zoned for certain uses only (such as recreational purposes). If you don’t plan on adhering to these restrictions, you could face fines from regulatory bodies or even lose your rights to use the land altogether.

Get the Property Inspected

The next step is to inspect the property thoroughly before making final decisions. It is important to conduct a physical inspection and obtain surveys and appraisals from qualified professionals to fully understand what is included within your parcel of land before investing any money into it.

There may also be other considerations, such as access points, infrastructure, and wildlife management plans, that must be considered when buying private hunting lands in Missouri.

Select the Right Team

Finally, it’s important to take the time to find the right team of professionals who can help with all aspects of making this purchase—from researching ownership status and local zoning regulations to conducting physical inspections and obtaining surveys and appraisals—to ensure that all legal requirements have been met before closing on the property.

Our experts at Merchant of Homes are specialists in finding, selling, and buying hunting property in Missouri. With these steps and the guidance from Merchant of Homes professionals, buyers can feel confident they are making a sound investment when purchasing private hunting land in Missouri.

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