Looking for a home is more than just picking out property you love.  You also need to look at the neighborhood to ensure a good match and that it has what you need close by.  Prioritizing your “must haves” will make your decisions easier and help you find a home within your price range.

Here are the four most common things to look for when searching for a new neighborhood to live in:

Crime Statistics

residential propertiesNo neighborhood is 100% without crime but you do want to make sure that area in which you’re purchasing is safe for you and your family.  An adequate amount of street lighting in a neighborhood can also help the area feel secure.  Talk to the neighbors and trust your gut instinct.

Access To Amenities

How far do you have to go to access essential services like medical, groceries, and school?  If it’s difficult to access, ask yourself if you’re okay with this or if you need some place with easier access.  For example, while some people thrive in an out-of-the-way farm, others may dread the thought of making a long trip to the store.

School District

Children or no, it’s good to know what school district your desired home is in.  School districts play a large part in the value of a home, as good districts attract buyers and protect home values.  If you decide to move down the line, a good school district can be a great selling point.

Work Commute

What is your commute time to work from your preferred neighborhood, if any?  If the drive is more than what you’re willing to put in every day, it may be best to find a house closer to work.  If you or your significant other both must drive to work, find a home that works for you both.

Your Local Agent At Merchant Of Homes Can Help

Remember to take your time searching and drive around your desired area to get an idea of what it’s like.  If you’re unfamiliar with an area, your local agent at Merchant of Homes can help.  We are intimately familiar with the neighborhoods of Missouri and can help you manage your expectations.

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