Making the switch to a more efficient home can be anything from constructing a new home to making improvements to an older structure.  The benefits of living in an efficient home are many, including better health and higher quality of life.

Here are some of the benefits of an efficient home:

Reduced Utility Costs

home savingsWhen homeowners make the choice to make their home more efficient, one of their main thoughts may be the promise of reduced utility costs.  Efficient systems are designed to use less resources so homeowners can benefit from savings each month.  For example, an ENERGY STAR efficient washing machine can use 20% less water and 25% less electricity.

There are always offers and rebates available in your area on certified products.

When choosing new technologies to help reduce your utility costs and improve the efficiency of your home, do your research.  If investing in smart devices, understand how your information is used and stored, pricing, privacy policies, and cost.

Reduced Environmental Impacts

A more efficient home also means a reduced environmental impact in the form of:

  • Reduced greenhouse gasses
  • Reduced water use
  • Contributing to better air quality

For those of us who hunt, farm, or otherwise enjoy the outdoors, this is an amazing benefit.  Our children and grandchildren can enjoy the great outdoors as we have and continue to provide essential services and foodstuffs to our country.

Potential Savings Come Tax Time

When you make your home efficient, there are tax deductions and credits that you can take advantage of.  Talk to your tax professional about what upgrades and building materials qualify, as there are some aspects like your roof that may not qualify.

Consider An Energy-Efficient Mortgage

Buyers and homeowners can make energy-efficient upgrades to newly purchased homes through the use of an energy efficient mortgage.  This mortgage helps borrowers purchase an energy-efficient home or finance energy-efficient improvements to an existing home.

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