Happy holidays!

No matter what you celebrate, staying safe during the festivities is of the utmost importance.  Nothing ruins holiday cheer more than an accident waiting to happen.

With that in mind, stay safe this holiday season with these 4 essentials safety tips from Merchant of Homes:

home safetyReview Your Homeowner’s Insurance

Do you remember what your homeowner’s insurance covers in case of an accident?  It’s always good practice to check with your insurance carrier to see what they do and do not cover and update it if needed.  For example, some forms of insurance, like earthquake and flooding, aren’t covered by home insurance and need to be purchased separately.

Having home insurance is a critical part in keeping your home safe during the holidays and throughout the year!  Especially if you have guests over.

Keep Holiday Travel Plans Offline

It may be tempting to gush about your upcoming holiday travel plans online but keep it off social media until you get back.  In the age of social media it can be easy to overshare, which can alert others to when your home will be empty.

If You Have A Tree, Keep It Away From Heat Sources

If you have a tree in your home—artificial or live—remember to place it away from heat sources like the fireplace or heat vents.  In the case of live trees, the heat can cause them to dry out faster, resulting in a fire hazard.  If you prefer artificial trees, keeping them away from heat can keep electric pieces like lights cooler.

Have A Fireplace? Get It Inspected

Speaking of heat sources, have you remembered to get your fireplace inspected and cleaned this year?

If not, make sure you make that appointment with a professional before you turn it on!

Fireplaces can have debris like soot and leaves potentially blocking it so getting it cleaned will prevent clogging or catching fire.  Getting your fireplace regularly maintained will result in a cleaner, safer burn.

Looking for a bigger place to celebrate next year?  Trust the agents at Merchant of Homes to find you the property that meets your needs and budget!

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