Fall season for real estate falls between September 1 and November 30. While you may hear advice against selling your home in the fall off-season, there are several benefits to doing so.

fall seasonThere Is Less Competition & Buyers Are More Serious

There is less competition in the fall months among buyers and buyers tend to be more serious when purchasing. There will be fewer sellers putting their homes on the market so it is a good time to make a good impression and really make your home stand out.

Faster Move In For Buyers

Fall is a time where school is starting and families looking for a new home will want to move in as soon as possible. As such, buyers are often willing and eager to close as soon as possible.

Excellent Time To Boost Curb Appeal & Atmosphere

There is probably nothing more homey and comforting than the sights and smells of home in the fall—apples, spices, and crisp air.

Fall is an excellent time to modestly decorate your home to show off its potential and boost your home’s curb appeal with fall flowers and landscaping such as marigolds, mums, and pumpkins. Remember to keep the lawn free of leaves and not to overdo decorations. Throw open the curtains and shades to let in as much natural light as possible.

Price The Home Right

Keep in mind that home prices may differ between fall and summer. So be sure to price your home right to attract buyers. Your real estate agent will work with you to help determine home value and price it competitively.

Don’t feel pressured to accept lower offers on your home.

Complete Indoor Maintenance

Flaws in homes such as drafty windows and doors are more noticeable in the colder months so be sure to complete essential indoor maintenance before you begin showing your home to prospective buyers.

You should also replace your home’s air filters will clean ones and run the furnace a few days before a showing to prevent the smell of burnt dust and other stale smells.

Consult With Your Real Estate Agent

Before you list your home for sale in the fall, be sure to consult with your real estate agent first. Though there may be more motivated buyers in the fall, there are simply fewer of them. Your real estate agent will work with you to find the best strategy for attracting buyers and selling your home.

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