Remember Smokey, the Bear?  “Only YOU can prevent forest fires!”

When we think of wildfires, we think of places like California that have struggled with devastating weather events for decades.  We don’t believe they could happen here in the Midwest, but they can.  So property owners should be vigilant about keeping their rural properties safe.

In the Midwest, summer is just around the corner, which means lots of sun and sometimes not a lot of rain.  Your rural property is a considerable investment, so you want to keep it safe.keep rural property safe

Here are five ways you can prevent fires on your rural properties and ensure its integrity:

Install Lightning Rods On Your Home and Outbuildings

Lightning strikes are a common occurrence and cause barn and land fires.  To keep lighting away from barns, your home, and other areas, install lightning rods to redirect it and prevent fires safely.  Rods keep you safe from direct strikes, while surge protection protects you from indirect strikes.

Make Sure Your Property Is Accessible To Emergency Services

Should you have to call the fire department, make sure your property is accessible.  Keep driveways and private roads clear and maintained.

Have An Evacuation Plan

In the event of a fire, you should have an evacuation plan to keep your family and any animals safe.  This means connecting with neighbors that can help you move livestock safely and perhaps help board them.  Be a good neighbor and return the favor!

Keep Machinery and Electrics Maintained

Machinery and electrical systems that aren’t maintained can create sparks that could trigger a property fire.  Keep fire extinguishers close, get all systems regularly inspected, and get problems fixed as soon as they’re noticed.

Use Fireworks With Caution

Independence Day is close, and many of us are thinking about family get-togethers with fireworks.  When celebrating, stay safe by keeping water nearby and avoid fireworks if the weather is dry.  Children should not handle fireworks, nor those who have been drinking.  Only buy legitimate fireworks from approved vendors.  Better yet, go to a local firework show!

At Merchant of Homes, we take the safety of you and your property seriously.  We always inspect properties with you and make recommendations based on those findings.

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