Hunting land can be an excellent investment when treated with respect and care.

Hunting land is a long-term investment

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Hunting land is a long-term investment that can be passed down through the generations if desired.  Or, it can be sold when you decide it’s time to move on.

Be sure to know the price of land per acre, how the land is zoned, and if there are signs of game.  In addition to cost and location, you will need to determine what rights there are on the property, such as easement rights.

Hunting land appreciates in value

Another great thing about investing in hunting land is that land appreciates.  This appreciation happens because land is in limited supply, and the demand is always rising.

Just keep in mind that while this can be a good thing, finding the land you want for a price you can afford could be challenging.

Participate in hunting programs

Another great thing about investing in hunting land is that you can rent out your land to hunters, potentially earning yourself some extra income.  There are also hunting programs you can participate in. Before you rent out your land or participate in a program, understand the rules and if your land qualifies.

Even better if the land has timber and good farmland

If the property you’re interested in buying has good timber and farm opportunities, that can be taken advantage of to generate some extra income.

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