If you’ve been living in your home with pets, one more important task must be completed before you put it on the market: a thorough cleaning and repair of any damage caused by your furry friends.

Before placing “for sale” signs around your property, address these essential repairs!   Doing so can help save time and money while enjoying a smoother home-selling experience—ensuring potential buyers aren’t distracted (or put off) by our beloved animals.

Make Note Of What Needs To Be Repairedselling your home

To ensure nothing is overlooked regarding repairs around the house, solicit an outsider’s opinion. Whether that be a realtor or trusted friend, having someone “on the ground” inspecting your home can give invaluable feedback and suggest areas of improvement – so grab a pen & paper and get started!

Take Care Of Odors

We love our pets, but when selling a home, potential buyers may not love them so much—especially if they can smell them.  Pet odors are the number one problem that needs to be fixed before you sell a home.  No one wants to walk into what they think will be their forever house and immediately wrinkle their nose.

Nip odors in the bud by keeping litter boxes, water, and food dishes clean, wash pet bedding, and get your HVAC system cleaned to remove hair that could cause odors.

During showings, move pet items and supplies to an out-of-the-way place.

Fix Any Scratch Or Chew Marks

As a pet owner, you can expect the occasional scratch or chew mark – but why put potential buyers off with all these repair worries?  Have no fear: easy fixes like fresh coats of paint or varnish can quickly take care of minor damage!

Deep Clean The Carpets

Give your home a truly fresh start with professional carpet cleaning services.  While they may look clean, carpets can accumulate dirt and pet odors that regular vacuums don’t reach – causing lingering smells that no one wants in their homes.  With an added option for specialized odor removal treatment tailored to animals like cats or dogs, you’ll have peace of mind knowing all the nooks and crannies are covered!

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