Home is where your heart is, and for pet owners, their pets are at the center of their hearts.  When pet parents shop for a new home, they want that house to accommodate their pets’ needs.

Here’s your guide to pet-friendly home buying:

Check Local Pet Laws

pet freindly home buying

Each city and town has its own rules and regulations regarding pets, including prohibited breeds and how many you can have.  For example, the City of St. Louis states, “No more than four domestic animals may be kept on any one parcel of property within a residential-zoned district unless the property owner obtains a non-commercial kennel permit.”

HOAs and condos will have their own rules and regulations, so if you plan on purchasing in one of these places, research what is allowed.

Keep Your Pet’s Safety and Health in Mind

If you have a pet, avoiding houses on busy streets is a good idea.  Even if your pet is strictly indoors, it could escape and get hurt.  If you have dog breeds with long torsos and short legs, like corgis, they may need help safely getting up and down the stairs.  If not, stick to a single-floor home.  If an area needs pet-free, like the kitchen, make sure it’s easy to block off.

Look at what pet services like vets and parks are available nearby.

Consider Ease of Cleaning

Pet owners know that there are a lot of cleanups after their furry (or feathered!) friends.  As such, consider whether you’ll have to replace the flooring with something more pet-friendly, like luxury vinyl.  Of course, the choice is always up to you.

Have a Designated Pet Place

All pets need their own space to decompress and feel safe.  Will the new home have an appropriate yard size to play and get the exercise they need safely?  If not, are the streets walkable?

Answering these questions will help your pet thrive in their new home.  Not sure where to start?  The expert agents at Merchant of Homes have years of experience helping pet owners find the perfect home for their family.

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