Open houses are an easy technique to showcase a property—especially to those potential buyers who may be on the fence or do not currently have a realtor.  They also tend to be more relaxing and informal. Though they may not sell homes solely by themselves, open houses generate traffic and word of mouth.

Open houses are also an opportunity for agents to scope out new clients.

When hosting an open house, remember these six tips:

agent tipsHost Your Open House At the Right Time

When preparing to host an open house, choose a time to make it easy for potential buyers to view the property.  For example, early/mid-afternoon on the weekends tend to be popular times as people are off work.

Post Your Listing Online & Take Advantage of Social Media

According to the National Association of Realtors, 43% of buyers start their home search online.  Take advantage of this statistic and showcase your listing online with information about any open houses. Social media like Facebook allows you to post your listings quickly, run ads, and easily share information about the property.

Use High-Quality Photos

Before they come into an open house, potential buyers want to see good photos of the property. High-quality photos generate interest and leads and attract people to the open house.

Ensure that what they see in pictures is as good in real life!  This means avoiding photoshopping to take out unwanted features, also known as ethical photography.

Use Physical Signage & Brochures

In addition to online advertising, use physical signage and brochures for marketing the property. Brochures are easy to hand out, and physical signage will generate interest to drivers and show the way to the property.

Clean Up The Home

If the home is owner-occupied, advise them to clean up the home and stage it by removing personal possessions. This includes things like:

  • Pet paraphernalia
  • Child drawings
  • Purses and bags

The home should also be deep cleaned.  Guests don’t want to walk into an open house and be greeted by a home that appears neglected.  You may be surprised at how many potential buyers reconsider when they see a home in a state of uncleanliness.

Make Guests Feel Comfortable & At Ease

For some viewers, walking into someone else’s home (even if it is an open house) can feel uncomfortable.  Make guests feel comfortable and at ease by letting in natural light, light a candle or add fresh flowers, and putting on pleasant music.

Remember not to crowd them and allow them to explore on their own.  In the era of COVID, you will want to wipe down surfaces and require masks to make guests feel safe.

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