When choosing land for deer hunting, it is critical to consider three important factors to ensure your land is adequately prepared for deer.

1. Accessibility

Deer will move more freely through areas with easy access points, and having multiple entry and exit points allow you to better monitor and manage the deer population on your property.

Accessibility is key when determining how much land you need for a successful deer hunting property. Access points like roads, trails, and paths make it easier for deer to move around and disperse, reducing crowding on the property. In addition to providing easy entry and exit points, these pathways can provide shelter from predators, direct access to food sources, and safe travel routes throughout the area.deer provisions

Another important consideration when it comes to accessibility is making sure plenty of escape routes are available for deer fleeing any potential danger. Deer need to be able to quickly find their way out of harm’s way without having to cross any open areas that could expose them to predators or hunters. To ensure this, look for areas with a natural cover like trees or tall grasses that can offer protection and concealment as the deer navigate your hunting land.

Finally, consider creating water sources on your hunting property that allow deer to hydrate and comfortably rest. Not only will this improve the overall health of your local deer population, but it will also provide another area where hunters can locate animals during different times of the day. Adding multiple water sources throughout your property will give you greater chances of success when tracking and pursuing the game from dawn until dusk.

2. Food Sources

Deer need access to quality food sources for survival. Quality food sources will help attract and sustain a healthy deer population throughout the year.


The local climate and the availability of resources determine the type of food sources necessary for deer on hunting property. High-quality forage such as clover, alfalfa, and sweet corn may be required in northern climates to support healthy deer populations. Other forage sources like soybeans, acorns, and other nut crops can also provide adequate nutrition for areas with more temperate climates.


In addition to providing a balanced diet, food sources must be available close to bedding areas or escape cover. This allows deer to easily access food and water while still feeling safe from potential predators. Supplemental feeding in supplemental feeds or agricultural products is an effective way to supplement natural food sources when they are scarce during particular times of the year.


It’s also important to consider how varying weather conditions affect the food supply. Extreme temperatures could limit access to specific food sources, while heavy rains could wash away nutrients or create standing water where mosquitoes can breed and spread disease. By understanding the local climate, you can better plan your planting strategy and ensure adequate food is available throughout the year.

3. Cover

Deer need escape cover from predators and hunters alike. Cover and shelter are essential for deer on hunting properties, as they are safe from predators, hunters, and the elements. Trees are the most common form of cover and provide various benefits to deer. They can offer escape cover from predators, protection from harsh weather conditions, shade during the hot summer months, and even food sources in the form of buds and bark.

Shrubs provide a denser form of cover than trees, as they generally have lower branches closer to the ground where deer like to bed down. Tall grasses also serve as a vital source of cover for deer since they provide well-hidden hiding spots within their thick foliage. In addition to providing protective cover, these plants also supply deer with vital nutrients that help support healthy antler growth and overall health.

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