From weekend hunters to a month-long run, hunting cabins are an essential part of the experience. They offer a place to stay away from the city’s hustle and bustle and a way to create memories.

Before you dive into building a hunting cabin, there are several things you will need to consider:

Understand Rules For A Second Home

hunting propertyBefore you purchase land to build a hunting cabin, you must understand the rules regarding buying and occupying a second home. Mortgage qualifications are more demanding and if you plan on purchasing a manufactured cabin, know that your lender may not finance its purchase as it is not considered real property.

DIY Or Find A Professional Builder?

Do you plan on building the cabin yourself or finding a professional builder? If you are an inexperienced builder, it is highly recommended that you find a professional builder who will build your hunting cabin to code and ensure its safety and integrity.


Where will you build your hunting cabin? Know the history of the land and its seasonal habits to save yourself many headaches later on down the road. For example, if you build near water, you may have to build your cabin on pilings off the ground in case of flooding.

Depending on where the cabin is located and its typical weather, its orientation will affect how it is naturally heated or cooled. In hotter areas, the cabin should be positioned so that the front door and windows face north. In cooler areas, face the front door and windows south for natural warming.

These location aspects will help determine the design of your hunting cabin.

Home size

How big do you want your hunting cabin to be? Most cabins are small and blend into their surroundings but you can plan based on:

  • Plot size
  • How many it needs to sleep

You should also think about what equipment you will be using so safe storage can be planned accordingly. This is especially important if children will be present.


Will you need electricity, gas, and water in your hunting cabin, or do you plan on being off-grid? If you choose to have utilities, make sure that they are available to connect to and verify the ease of connection. If you choose to be off-grid, build clhunting propertyose to a water source and have a wood-burning stove to keep the cabin warm and to cook on.

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