Purchasing a plot of land to build a custom home on can be an exciting yet daunting process. With so many factors to consider, it’s important to consider your needs and priorities to select the ideal lot that will meet your vision for your future home.


Here are some key tips for choosing the perfect parcel of land to build your dream house on:

Location, Location, Location

Consider the area and neighborhood carefully when selecting a lot. Think about amenities nearby, noise levels, views, amount of privacy, proximity to work and recreation, and room for future expansion. Drive around the neighborhood at different times of day/night to get a feel for traffic, lighting, and noise. Ensure the lot is in an area you love.

Size Matters

Bigger is not always better when it comes to lot size. Consider your budget, how much lawn you want to maintain, and whether you need space for an accessory dwelling unit or plan to subdivide in the future. Work with local zoning regulations and permit requirements for minimum lot sizes. Leave room for proper drainage and septic systems if not on the sewer.

Get the Lay of the Land 

Evaluate the topography and terrain thoroughly. Steep slopes can increase site preparation and building costs. Ensure there is usable space for your home, yard, driveway, and more. Inspect the lot for potential drainage or erosion issues. Consider whether trees or rocks need to be removed. Look for red flags like water collecting in pools or overly soft soil.

Access and Utilities

Confirm that access to electricity, water, gas, sewer, and other utilities is available at the lot line. Underground utilities are ideal. Ensure access to the property is suitable for construction equipment and vehicles. The driveway grade should be reasonable to allow for safe access. 

Sun Exposure

Take note of how the lot is situated in relation to the sun. If possible, choose a site that will allow your home to take advantage of passive solar energy and natural light. Just beware of excessive shade from trees or other structures that could impact your future solar panels or affect future landscaping.

Perc Test

If the property requires a septic system, conduct a perc test to determine if the soil composition allows for proper drainage and absorption of liquid waste. Poor perc test results can add substantial costs for engineered septic systems or make the lot unsuitable for building.

Survey and Soil Samples

Hire a professional survey company to identify exact property boundaries and potential easements across the land. Take multiple soil samples from around the lot to better understand the composition and load-bearing capacity – key indicators of foundation and construction costs.


Carefully weighing all of these factors will help you select the ideal lot to build your dream home on. Taking the time upfront will ensure you end up with no regrets after purchasing your perfect parcel of land for building. Do your due diligence now for homebuilding success later.

As you search for the perfect plot, remember that expert guidance can make a difference. Contact the Merchant Team to ensure your vision is realized without a hitch.