Do you ever look around your home and feel like it’s missing something?  Are you a homeowner that used to enjoy your house, but now it just feels ‘blah’?  You’re not alone — many of us get into a creative rut when thinking about home improvement.  The good news is that there are plenty of simple ways to fall in love with your home again!

Swap Out Hardwarecouple sitting on couch holding paper heart

Freshening up your home décor without breaking the bank can be achieved easily by replacing the hardware on your cabinets.  Cabinetry hardware can make a dramatic difference in the overall look of any room and can take a space from drab to fab.  Changing old, dated hardware for a more modern or stylish option is an easy and inexpensive way to give any room an instant update or a completely new look.

Tackle Quick Home Repairs

Taking the time to handle minor, quick home repairs will help keep your home in good condition and make it a pleasant place to live.  Many small issues that we keep putting off can be quickly taken care of with minimal time and effort.  Fixing a dripping sink or patching nail holes in the wall are two common problems that can quickly be resolved using tools you might already have around the house.

Paint The Walls

A fresh coat of paint can give life to any room, setting the tone for transforming into a more vibrant, stylish, and modern space.  Whether you inject some drama with bold primary colors, channel timeless warmth with earthy hues, or select neutrals for an elegant backdrop without committing to the color scheme, there is something for everyone.  Painting offers endless possibilities and stunning results for those who want to makeover their living areas without too much fuss.

Let In The Light

Bringing in more natural light into your home is an easy way to create a bright and inviting atmosphere in any room.  Adding new lighting fixtures is also an excellent way to spruce up the decor while managing energy consumption.  Many energy-efficient light bulbs are now on the market, allowing homeowners to stay stylish and green simultaneously.

Create A Usable Outdoor Space

Having an outdoor space to hang out in can be a great way to enjoy being outdoors without venturing too far.  You can transform your existing outdoor area into a comfortable spot with a little effort and the right materials.  Creating this type of space can also help improve your overall mental health and well-being by providing an escape from the stress of everyday life.

Put Up New Art

Transform your home with new art!  Whether you want to spruce up your bedroom or brighten your dining room, curating the right artwork can add life to any space.  Adding a few decisive pieces to your interior décor will impart an unmistakable sense of character and personality to your home.  You may opt for modern abstract art, a vibrant statement-making canvas, or an antique picture—whatever speaks to you and best conveys your style.

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