Bigger isn’t always better, and when it comes to downsizing your home, less is more.  Whether you’re an empty-nester or downsizing for financial reasons, moving into a smaller home requires a lot of planning.  It also means you may have more possessions than you can take with you.

Downsizing doesn’t have to be stressful.  We have plenty of tips to keep the process as easy as possible.

empty nesterKnow Your Reasons for Downsizing

First, why are you downsizing?  People downsize for many reasons, such as children moving out or the desire for a home with less upkeep.  Whatever your reason(s), knowing why you want to downsize is the first step in preparing for decluttering and getting yourself motivated.  Ask yourself questions like:

  • Why do I want to downsize?
  • What will I miss most about my old home?
  • What am I most excited for? Most nervous about?

Set Rules for Yourself

Set rules for decluttering and knowing what items you will and will not keep.  Consider not only if an item will physically fit into your new space, but how it will fit your new lifestyle.  Stick to a strong set of rules for sorting your items, like:

  • Keep
  • Donate or sell
  • Throw out
  • Pass down

If you have trouble getting rid of an item, organization methods like KonMari can help.

The Sooner You Start, the Better

When it comes to downsizing, the sooner you start the better.  It will give you plenty of time to organize your things, focus on your goals, and find the right home.

Focus On One Room At a Time

When downsizing your home, it helps to focus on one room at a time.  This breaks down the task into smaller, more manageable tasks.  It also gives you the opportunity to plan your new home room by room.

Find the Right Agent

When downsizing, look for the right agent to help.  The right agent will know your preferred area, help you manage your expectations, and stay within budget.  At Merchant of Homes, we will work hard to find the best property for your needs, advocate for you, and answer your questions.

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