For avid hunters, having their own land to hunt on is a dream come true. It is an investment and a point of pride—these properties can be passed down through the family and create memories that last a lifetime.

When it comes to buying hunting land in Missouri, remember these five essential tips:

buy hunting propertyAssess Your Short- & Long-Term Goals

Before you begin looking at land and contacting an agent, you must assess your short- and long-term goals.  What do you want to accomplish with this property? Will it only be used for hunting, or will there be other recreational options?  Will you live there full-time?  Are you a bow hunter or a gun hunter?  What is your budget?

One of the key ways to find your best hunting property is to communicate clearly with your agent.  He/She will consider your goals when looking for a property that is the right fit for you.

Find The Right Location

The location of hunting land is essential in having success hunting.  You want to be far enough away from the city but not so far that it takes you too long to get there.  If there is no cabin available to stay overnight, you’ll want a property that is a suitable distance away—we recommend no more than three hours away, so it’s an easy day trip.  Also, consider the proximity of any hotels or motels.  If you do plan on adding a cabin or house, you still want to consider travel time.

Know The Layout Of The Land

The layout of the land is also an important point to consider before purchasing hunting land in Missouri.  What is the traffic of both game and humans?  Who are your neighbors, and how close are they?  Is there an ideal location for putting a cabin?  Make sure any buildings are on the road side of the property, so deer and other game aren’t spooked when you drive in and out.

Find Signs Of Game

There is no point in getting a hunting property if there is no game to hunt.  When viewing a property, look for signs of game like:

  • Buck scrapes
  • Trails
  • Droppings

Make sure there is enough food, water, and cover for game.  These can be added to the land with limitations, but it will take more time and money.

Find A Realtor Who Specializes In Hunting Properties

To find the best hunting property for you, find a realtor who specializes in hunting properties.  He/She will be able to guide you to the best property for your needs while answering questions about the area.  A specialized agent will know the land and have the resources available to make your purchase as stress-free as possible.

The team at Merchant of Homes specializes in many types of properties and stands ready to lend their expertise to help you find that perfect piece of hunting paradise.

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