Scared of selling a stigmatized property? It can be a challenge but with the right resources and going the extra mile, you may be pleasantly surprised. To help you sell a stigmatized property, follow these four tips:

rent out homeKeep The Property Clean & Lit

To prevent the property from suffering from the “Haunted House Effect” keep it lit up and clean. This makes you not only a good neighbor, but can go a long way in helping change the perception of the property.

If the property is infamous, it may be beneficial to renovate it to help remove the stigma before selling.

Make All Necessary Disclosures

When it comes to selling a stigmatized property, do your duty and make any and all needed disclosures. Depending on what state you live in, you may have to disclose the following information about a stigmatized property:

  • Deaths on the property
  • Debt of the previous owner to warn the buyer about potentially harassing calls or visits from creditors.
  • Criminal activity on the property to warn the buyers about potential unwanted visitors
  • Phenomena like “hauntings,” especially if you have publicly made mention of ghosts before.

Avoid trying to hide anything as it would go against your duty of honesty.

Rent Out The Property

If you find you’re having difficulty selling a stigmatized property, renting it out in the meantime may be a good idea. Renting will keep the property occupied and prevent break-ins from thrill seekers looking for ghosts or to see the scene of crime.

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